Mt Shuksan - 9131' / 2783m

White Salmon Glacier - glacier, 35 degrees, 2 days

This is, quite possibly, my favorite ski descent in the North Cascades. Awesome access to one of the longest, consistently steep runs in the North Cascades. 

Mt Shuksan is an iconic peak of the North Cascades and boasts some of the most impressive icefalls, faces and towers this side of Alaska.  The mountain combines world class scenery with a seemingly endless variety of ski routes from introductory ski mountaineering tours to extreme descents and everything in between.  The White Salmon tour provides all the elements that make Mt. Shuksan great: a spectacular setting, long descents, and bona fide ski mountaineering challenges throughout. 

I also offer climbing trips here in the summer - LINK.

The Sulphide Glacier, NW Couloir and North Face are also possible ski descents - learn about them here - LINK.

Day 1: The trip will begin at the White Salmon day lodge in the Mt. Baker ski area.  From there we will travel out the White Salmon Creek valley towards the toe of the White Salmon Glacier.  One of the great benefits of this trips is the access with a reasonably quick approach to the very rugged terrain of the northwest face.  By early afternoon we will have our camp set and be in position for tomorrow's summit.

Day 2: We need an early start because this is a big day. We'll finish climbing up the White Salmon, then cross over the Upper Curtis and Hanging Glaciers to either reach the Sulphide Glacier and the Summit Pyramid. We'll take our skis as high as we think we can ski, then continue to tag the summit before a huge descent.

I offer these trips as a guide-employee of The Mountain Bureau.