Where to Go for Snow?

I realized that the seasonal average precipitation, but above average temperatures, have given us one silver lining to this winter. Roads that are normally snowed in for the winter are snow free. This means that Mt Baker and Mt Adams are easily reachable. The southside of Mt Baker is particularly interesting - the absence of snow at the trailhead has prevented snowmobilers from accessing one of their most popular areas. With a little bit of hiking, there is a direct 6000' ski descent from the summit.

Cascade River Road is open too, but gated at the Eldorado trailhead. This means that ski tours in Boston Basin as well as the Forbidden Tour are reachable, although it may be too cold to be really fun. Its also possible to drive to the Hidden Lakes trailhead, but expect a 30 minute hike before reaching suitable snow there too. 

My attention is drawn south - I've learned that the road to access Mt Adams is open and gated at Clear Creek, which adds a few miles to trailhead and makes the Southwest Chutes a BIG day or a more reasonable day-and-a-half. And Mt Hood, by all reports, is in great shape for ski mountaineering.

Bottom line? There is great terrain to ski at higher elevations, and the lack of snow lower down means the roads are open to reach it. If you're interested in skiing with me, contact me!

Check out my Ski page for more ideas and details. A particularly great resource is the guidebook, Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes Washington.