And we're back!

Photo. Shamelessly nicked from the internet. 

Photo. Shamelessly nicked from the internet. 

I am so stoked that the wait and (most of) the work is over! Chris Simmons Guiding 3.0 officially launched this morning. You're looking at it right now, of course, so you know this, but it feels good to actually be saying so in the Journal. It's official!

There's a lot more to add, of course. Trips to post, journal entries that have percolating in the coffee pot of my mind all summer.

Almost all of my photos will be visible on Instagram and here, and my favorites will be shared to my Facebook page.  

I want to reinvent my old "Smash & Grab" emails into Facebook posts, featuring a climb I'm keen to do that week. I'll also be promoting bigger trips, the ones that require some advanced planning to get to incredible locations and spend a not-insignificant amount of time at, 3-6 months in advance.   

So, if you want to have an easier time seeing what I'm up to and consider if you want to join me, then you're strongly invited and encouraged to Like my Facebook Page and Follow my Instagram feed. Those buttons are easy to find in the bottom right corner of the page.  

Enough of this computer. It's time to go outside.