Moving Forward

If the last day of the year is spent looking back, than the first day of the new year should be about the future. These are my commitments for 2015.

I'm going to move more. Figuratively and literally. Its about building momentum from moment to moment, because once something gets started in motion its easier to keep it in motion, and its easier to build on that motion.

I've given the literal aspect of this idea a name - my Circadian Momentum Project. Starting here, and maybe spinning off onto its own, is going to be my own telling, for 365 days, of the run, ski, climb, hike, bike, or yoga I did that day, and share a related thought. Its not about going big or extreme or being out for 18 hours straight. Its about getting in motion, and staying in motion, and building momentum until its simply easier to keep doing it than it is to stop.

Figuratively, I've talked a big game about several creative projects that I want to make reality. There's a book I want to write, a map I want to draw, and several stories I want to be able to tell. This is my commitment to take verifiable, concrete steps towards making those projects reality.

I'm going to travel more, and take advantage of the mandatory travel I sometimes have to do for personal opportunities. I'm not just going to fly to Denver for a week of meetings and not do something while I'm there. I'm no longer going to pass up opportunities to see someplace new just because its too much logistical trouble at home. I'm going to make the effort to make it happen.

I'm going to see my friends and family - and especially my friends who have become my surrogate family - more than ever before. You guys are fantastic, and being with you elevates me. 

I'm going to climb, ski, and run in more places, more times, than I did in 2014. I hope I get to do it with a lot of you.

That's my commitment for 2015.