Gear List: Alpine Day Climb

Alpine day climbs typically require a variety of climbing with packs, so packing needs to be a thoughtful balance of necessity versus weight versus space. Here's my suggested list, with links to the gear I use.

Group Gear Provided

  • Ropes
  • Climbing protection
  • Comprehensive first aid kit to stabilize bleeding and fractures
  • Emergency communication - cell phone, satellite phone, or beacon device
  • Emergency shelter

Personal Gear

  • Internal frame pack - I find the 30L range is ideal. Blue Ice Warthog 28L
  • Appropriate footwear for the conditions or climb: approach shoes, light hiking, or crampon-compatible boots. Scarpa Gecko, Tech Ascent GTX, or Charmoz Pro GTX
  • 1-2 Liters of water storage, in Nalgene bottles or in hydration bladders. More about my thoughts about water storage and treatment is here: LINK.
  • Lunch - we tend to 3-4 breaks in a day, so a collection of snacks or a sandwich cut in two works well
  • Sun screen and lip balm
  • Sunglasses
  • Small first aid kit with a couple of band-aids, aspirin, ibuprofen, your preferred blister repair. Also, an epi-pen if you have any critical allergies!
  • Pocket knife
  • Headlamp
  • Trekking poles - I'm a huge believer in trekking poles for approaching and returning hikes. Make sure they're three-piece poles, in case we need to carry them in our packs as we climb! Ski baskets for snowy conditions may be necessary.

Climbing Equipment

Clothing - recommending clothing can be the hardest part in the Cascades. What I wear for a climb in May is dramatically different then for the same route in September. Here is a loose suggestion that may be changed depending on actual conditions.