The Basics:

Start - pack, trekking poles, car keys

Feet - camp shoes, mountaineering boots, socks

Hiking - underwear (and sports bra), shorts, short-sleeve shirt

Bottom Half - long under wear, soft shell, hard shell

Top Half Insulation - long underwear, mid-layer, belay jacket

Top Half Shells - wind shell, soft shell, hard shell

Head - sun hat, knit hat, neck gaiter

Hands - light gloves, medium gloves, heavy gloves

Eyes - sun glasses, bright sun glasses, ski goggles

In Camp

Sleep - sleeping pad, sleeping bag, ear plugs

Eat - cup, bowl, spoo

Drink - water bottles, thermos, water purification

Sun - sunscreen, lip stuff, bug stuff

Bits and bobs - pocket knife, toiletries, first aid/repair kit

Climbing Kit

Sharp stuff - ice axe, second tool, crampons

Climbing gear - harness, helmet, carabiners

Personal protection - ice screw, slings, cordellete


Navigation - altimeter watch, maps, compass

Electronics - cell phones, camera, gps

Provided by the guide - you may bring your own on instructional trips

Kitchen - stove, fuel, cooking pots

Climb and Camp - tents, ropes, technical climbing protection

Team Kits - team first aid kit, team repair kit, team water purification