As my first annual Italy trip, you have the opportunity to make it what you want. This itinerary is only a suggestion, based on my experience climbing there personally, and my preferences. Here are some things to consider:

  • How much assistance would you like? I can meet you at the airport in Venice, or later in Cortina or Brixen.
  • How much would you like to climb? 10-20 pitches a day, every day (that's big). Alternating full-days and light-days? Take a rest day mid-way?
  • What would you like for accommodations and meals? 3-star hotels? Roadside refugios? Bed and breakfasts?

What I love about the climbing in the Eastern Dolomites is the number of quality climbs at a moderate grade that average 15 pitches long, ideal for full days. It is possible to "get after it", to pack these climbs back to back. Of course, surrounding these routes are a number of shorter lines (and a few bigger) of equal high quality.

I'm offering one-week guided rock climbing trips in the Eastern Dolomites in September 2017. These weeks will be limited to one or two clients at a time - but I don't "match-make" or mix two random people together, rather a pair of guests approach me wanting to climb together.

Currently, my advertised rates of $2900 USD for 1:1, or $1600 USD per person for 2:1 includes 5 days of guided rock climbing, ropes and climbing protection, travel between locations (typically by personal car), and the guide's rate and expenses. It does not include the guests' personal climbing equipment (helmet, harness, footwear, and a small selection of belay devices and carabiners), accommodation and meals.

This questionnaire is intended to help me understand your wants better, so that the week will meet your expectations of your rock climbing holiday. Please fill it out as completely and accurately as you can, and let's speak after I've had a chance to look it over.

Thank you for taking the time to do this, and thank you for considering my services.

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