Kaleetan Peak - 6259' / 1908m

North Ridge, III 4th Class

Kaleetan Peak is one of the unsung fun climbs of Snoqualmie Pass. Its just far enough back to be overshadowed by The Tooth and Chair Peak, making it one of the quietest climbs in the area.

Day 1

We'll hike up the picturesque Denny Creek valley to Melakwa Lakes (a campsite on the Snoqualmie Trilogy), then leave the hikers trail and follow a climbers' path over Melakwa Pass to camp on the granite bench alongside Chair Lake.

Day 2

After waking up to the sunrise, we'll hike for less than 30 minutes before starting the technical climbing. The North Ridge is llloooonnngggg, featuring solid rock, great spots to stop and take a break, and great views of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. A climbers' path down the south side of the mountain is our descent to the lower Melakwa Lake, where we'll rejoin the trail and hike out to the car.

Kaleetan Bullet - 1 Extreme Day

If you like the challenge of 14-16 hours on the move, than the Kaleetan Bullet is for you. We'll pack the 2-day itinerary down into one, forgoing a comfy and scenic camp for light packs. Prior experience climbing with me or a convincing resume is needed.

I think Kaleetan Peak is best climbed when linked up with Chair Peak (two days), the Snoqualmie Trilogy (three days), or when you want a quiet weekend with a Snoqualmie Pass climb all to yourself.

Private dates available June-September. Max 2:1 ratio.

 I offer these trips as a co-owner of the Certified Guides Cooperative.