The Tooth Ascents - 5604' / 1708m

Only an hour away from downtown Seattle, Snoqualmie Pass has been a training ground for a 100 years of aspiring alpinists. This is an awesome venue for introduction to intermediate alpine climbs - and a few overnighters tossed in to raise the bar.

The Tooth! For many local mountaineers and alpinists, the Tooth was their first multi-pitch alpine climb. And the popularity is well deserved, with solid rock and easy route finding. Its another awesome alpine day trip from home.

South Face, II 5.4

When anyone says they've climbed the Tooth, its usually by this route. In fact, many folks are only vaguely aware that there is anything else to climb! But this popularity is well-deserved, and to add a few more pitches I like to include four more 5th class pitches to climb The Incisor (the gendarme immediately south of The Tooth).

East Face, II 5.8

An under-appreciated route, the East Face is perfect for the hottest days of summer, only receiving direct sunlight for a brief time in the morning. Its also far enough away from the South Face that any loose rocks (a chronic problem on Pitch 3) don't come anywhere near parties on the East Face. If you've climbed the common Alpental Valley lines (i.e., the The Tooth South Face and the Chair Peak NE Buttress), this is an awesome alternative.

Climbing The Tooth is a one-day adventure. Private dates are available June-October. Max ratio - 2:1

I offer these trips as a co-owner of the Certified Guides Cooperative.