Bryant-Tooth Traverse - IV 5.7

Only an hour away from downtown Seattle, Snoqualmie Pass has been a training ground for a 100 years of aspiring alpinists. This is an awesome venue for introduction to intermediate alpine climbs - and a few overnighters tossed in to raise the bar.

The Bryant-Tooth Traverse is an all-day alpine affair. A link-up of two fantastic Alpental North Ridges. The North Ridge of the Tooth, in particular, is unique since its impossible to reach from the east, and difficult at best to reach from the west.

I'm certainly not the first to have done this (old hemp rope anchors on Bryant confirms this), but this route certainly hasn't seen the traffic I think it deserves. Want a day out where you will see NO ONE until the 6-rappel descent? The Bryant-Tooth Traverse is for you.

This is a one day climb, but it is a long one-day, 12-14 hours of movement, and qualifies as an "Extreme Day" for my rates. Private dates are available June-October. Max ratio - 2:1

I offer these trips as a co-owner of the Certified Guides Cooperative.